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We have Unique Advantages In Branding Quality And Service

Our Advantages

With extensive experience in this industry, we’ve established expertise and credibility to meet our customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations. We have a unique advantage in branding quality and service through our innovative technology, strict quality management, and exceptional customer support.

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Production Base

We are a professional cellulose ether manufacturer. We have established strong partnerships with several cellulose ether manufacturing plants, and made direct investments in one manufacturing plant in China. The production capacity of the factory we invested can reach a total annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of cellulose ethers per year. Therefore, we have a premium advantage in supply.

We also contract manufacturing according to customers’ needs! Whether you are looking to develop a new cellulose ether product or perfect your current brand, we have the manufacturing capabilities to help you grow your business!

Quality Management

As a global company, Mikem’s growing reputation is closely related to the reliable quality of the products that we delivered.

Though Mikem’s cellulose ether group is located in China, the product manufacturing process of the MelaColl cellulose products is controlled by United States standards and regulations to ensure its best quality and sustainability. From raw material to finished product, we inspect the quality at every step to provide you with the required quality assurance. Each product goes through a quality test before being delivered to the customer. We provide our customers with products of high performance and reliable quality. 

Change Oriented

Innovation and Tailored Formulation

We create innovative, profitable, and sustainable solutions for our customers. Our independent laboratory and experienced technical team enable us to develop new solutions and improve the existing products continually.

We believe that innovation is market-driven and achieved through collaboration. Therefore, we have a close relationship with our clients, and many of our research is conducted in cooperation with them. Through a comprehensive understanding of our clients, we can customize formulas according to their needs. In this way, we help them to optimize product performance and reduce costs.

Meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers is one of our critical driving forces for innovation.

Customer Assistance

At Mikem, we deliver more than premium products. We highly emphasize customer and application support.

Powered by our independent laboratories and experienced technical specialist, we are ready to partner with our customers to solve any of their problems and help them grow their business. 

Contact us and we will assist you in any way possible.

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