Aerated Concrete Blocks Laying Mortars

Aerated concrete blocks have the characteristics of high porosity and high water absorption. When the ordinary mortar is used for plastering aerated concrete, its inadequate water retention capacity will affect the mortar’s hardening speed and the aerated concrete plaster layer is easy to hollow, crack, and even peel off.

Adding our MelaCollTM cellulose products will significantly improve the performance of the mortar. The addition of our products can help improve the performance of aerated concrete plastering mortars in the following ways:

  • Prolonged open time and enhanced adhesive strength.
  • reduced mortar separation and crack formation
  • improved bonding strength

MelaColl is a trademark for MIKEM’s cellulose products and derivatives. We offer both standard and customized/tailored grade products for your specific industrial application.

Mikrant is a trademark for MIKEM’s redispersible polymer powder product. Our Mikrant RDP products form a complementary technology to our MelaColl cellulose portfolio.

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