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We Produce What You Need!

We contract production according to your needs! Whether you are looking to develop a new cellulose ether product or perfect your current brand, we have the manufacturing capabilities to help you grow your business.

Our advanced production lines are capable of producing about 50,000 tons of cellulose ether (HPMC, HEMC, HEC) per year. Our long-term investment and cooperative manufacturing partners can produce up to 60,000 tons for our primary disposal.  Therefore, we have a premium advantage in terms of supply.

Our products have been used in various applications (e.g., cement mortars, cement renders, gypsum products, etc.). To better adapt to customers from different regions and industries, we have manufactured many different types and grades of cellulose ethers. Our tailor-made products can meet the specific needs of customers and satisfy their specific product requirements. Our customized formula can help them reduce costs and improve product performance, thereby adding real value to their business.

MIKEM's Supply Chain Service 2

We set high standards for the products we manufacture. We strictly implement laboratory quality control to ensure that the products meet the specified criteria. From raw material to finished product, we inspect the quality at every step to provide you with the required quality assurance and certification. We are committed to establishing reliable business partnerships so that we can actively and continually participate in your success.

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