Gypsum Hand Plasters

Gypsum Hand Plasters are used to reinforce smaller areas and refurbish. They are stirred by hand or with a machine and are usually applied manually with a trowel. Gypsum-based hand or bonding plasters have less delay than gypsum-based machine plasters.

Our MelaCollTM HPMC and HEMC products are broadly used in gypsum-based hand plasters to improve processability and surface aesthetics. Its water retention properties allow enough time for rubbing and finishing by preventing the excessive moisture from being absorbed into the substrate.

Our MelaCollTM products provide the following critical properties for gypsum hand plastering application:

MelaColl is a trademark for MIKEM’s cellulose products and derivatives. We offer both standard and customized/tailored grade products for your specific industrial application.

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