Gypsum Machine Plasters

Gypsum Machine Plasters are widely used as wall and ceiling coatings, thereby reducing costs and increasing plaster efficiency. Spray gypsum plasters are mixed and applied in continuously working plastering machines.

To improve the spray performance, our MelaColl cellulose ether products are critical additives in gypsum spray paste. The addition of our Melacoll products can optimize the performance of the gypsum to ensure that it can work well after long-distance pumping. The water retention property of our product can limit the loss of water from gypsum to the absorbent substrate, thereby achieving stable curing and high final strength. Additionally, the application of our product can improve the surface aesthetics and help the appearance of the finish look smooth and clean. 

The critical functional properties provided by our MelaColl products are as below:

MelaColl is a trademark for MIKEM’s cellulose products and derivatives. We offer both standard and customized/tailored grade products for your specific industrial application.

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