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How to fix drummy tiles? What problem can drummy tiles cause? First, Drummy tiles repairs require adding an appropriate amount of tile adhesive. Tile adhesive formulation includes cement, water, HPMC, RDP and so on. And then there are two ways of fixing a drummy problem. The first one involves removing all the tiles and put them afresh. The second method is avoid the lifting tiles and install them again re-tiling the entire floor or just an area, if the issue is relatively small. In this video, we describe both methods in detail, thanks for watching.

In last video, we know what is drummy tiles, and the reason caused drummy tiles. We will keep focused on two points in this video: what problems can drummy tiles cost and drummy tiles repairs.

1. What problems can drummy tiles cause?

The answer to this question is self-explanatory. You may say the tiles are designed to stay put and drummy tiles are in fact loose tiles. Right, so if you don't take immediate actions to the drummy tiles repairs, the affected tiles may crack, left or buckles the movement forces which takes the place of tile system. Tile system may cause the adjustment of the tiles, drummy tiles to tent or lose the tiles to lip when the flooring has been installed poorly or improperly.

There has been even causes of the tiles of loading due to the pressure of the forces if the appropriate control of the tile movement has not been applied during the installation and incorrective tile adhesive related procedures to above, and you will end up with a compromise sooner or later.

2. How to fix drummy tiles?

There are two ways of drummy tiles repairs.

2.1. Drummy tiles repairs involves removing all the tiles and relaying them afresh.

2.2. Drummy tiles repairs is avoid the lifting tiles and install them again re-tiling the entire floor or just an area, if the issue is relatively small.

Sometimes you had better of redoing the poorly executed job all over again by hiring a specialist with proven credibility right. The same goes, if the drumming floor or the area is not that big. A tile repairs expert should be able to lift the loose tile to clean the substrate face and surfaces well enough from the old glue, and relay the tiles one by one by using the appropriate strong adhesive.

Well, injecting a specialized bounding product to fill the voids between the loose tiles and the screed. The other tile requires technique which experts use nowadays to rectify the drummy tiles, involves the use of an advanced injectable adhesive product, which is flexible fast acting and strong the tile. The tiler drills several holes in the grout joints of the affected area and will inject the solution which fills the voids underneath the tiles it works. Sometimes the method is very effective. It is also affordable and not as messy as retelling the service. Because the area is so big, if you want to recover them all, it would be a big budget of both the money and the man.

So what tile fixing technique is appropriate for your situation? You can find out again by seeking the advice of the professional or experienced expert from Mikem Chemical. Or you can visit our site contact and ask our question we would be appreciated to do this.


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