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HPMC for Wall Putty: What does it do? Why add HPMC to wall putty? How to solve the problem of putty cracking, falling off and drying? As a trusted HPMC manufacturer in China, we are always working on the putty problem. Melacoll HPMC can give full play to its water-retention, thickening, and viscosity-increasing properties in putty, improve the utilization rate of wall putty, and save cost or price.

Why do we add HPMC for wall putty?


NO.1  The water retention effect of HPMC can effectively reduce putty cracks and dry powder drops after the construction is completed.

NO.2 The thickening effect of HPMC enhances the adhesion of the putty to various substrates.  The right consistency enables the fresh plaster to adhere well to the wall and smooth surface. In cellulose ethers, HPMC has a better thickening effect than HEC, and CMC as coatings.

NO.3 The good dispersibility of HPMC can make the putty evenly dispersed on the wall surface, and the leveling property is better.

NO.4 HPMC has good viscosity stability compared with other cellulose ether products. This property can prolong the open time of the putty. After long-term storage, the putty still has good resistance to good wear resistance and adhesion. Of course, we can also recommend different viscosity grades according to different construction habits and ambient temperatures.

Low-viscosity cellulose ether HPMC for wall putty. Melacoll MP 20000 and 45000 are suitable for putty. The main difference between the two products is the HPMC viscosity. The viscosity of MP 20000 is between 15000-25000 and the viscosity of MP 45000 is between 40000-55000. Thank you for your watch, if you have interest, we will provide free samples. Please contact us in our website.


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