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1. Brief introduction to MIKRANT Redispersible polymer powder RDP

mikrant rdp 2 1Mikrant redispersible polymer powder RDP mainly has three grades: ET3060, ET3080, and ET6010H. Our RDP- MIKRANT ET3080 Series products was with a content of 18%. In the process of applying putty, we use wall putty chemicals-RDP, it can improve the compressive strength, bond strength, water resistance, and constructability of putty and effectively reduce cracking and powder.

MIKRANT redispersible polymer powder or RDP is a free-flowing white powder. When this polymer powder comes into contact with water, it is again dispersed into a single dispersed particle. The manufacturing process of VAE RDP includes five step. The best sellers of the MIKRANT RDP is ET3060 and ET3080, it has excellent adhesion, high adhesive and cohesion. Another is for waterproofing application that is ET6010H. It is a grid waterproof performance as you set and excellent adhesion and workability.

MIKRANT RDP is available to both rigid type and flexible type. Mainly for our application, rigid type RDP is for tile adhesive. And flexible type RDP is mainly for wall putty chemical, which is will be used together with HEMC with lower viscosity. So that you can have a better workability.

2. MIKRANT Redispersible polymer powder RDP for wall putty


Well, we're going to talk about redispersible polymer powder uses in wall putty chemical.

So what about its main role in wall putty chemical?

NO.1 To improve the comprehensive strengths, bond strength, water resistance and construction ability of the putty.

NO.2 It can effectively reduce the cracking and chalking of the powder especially from a wall putty or putty powder.

NO.3 It can prolong the service of the life of wall putty and then reduce the maintenance of the cost.

NO.4 It can reduce the cost of packing and transportation.(This link is a detailed introduction to the packaging video)

NO.5 RDP have good freezing and thaw stability. So you don't have to consider the erosion effect of the microorganism. It's enzyme.

NO.6 Non-toxic and non-pollution.

The six main functions of the RDP is here for you. MIKRANT concentrate on the redispersible polymer powder. Our new plant ZOVAE are under construction will be finished within this October 2022. After the new plant is finished, there will be more competitive prices and more variety products for your option. Welcome to visit our website for more information WWW.MELACOLL.COM.

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