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MelaColl is a trademark for the cellulose ether products and derivatives from Mikem Chemical Ltd. Co., which is a U.S. based global manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemical ingredients. Headquartered in Dallas, USA, Mikem has branches, offices, manufacturing plants, sourcing teams, and warehouses in different countries.

Cellulose ether is Mikem’s core business and most competitive product line. MelaColl cellulose ether products include Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC), Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC), and Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC). Mikem also offers Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) under the trademark of Mikrant, forming a complementary technology to the cellulose ether portfolio.

About Mikem

R&D Center in Dallas, UAS. They keep developing new formulas and improving existing products. Make sure our products are suitable for market changing.

Mikem Headquarter

Experienced technical team (over 10 years of working experience) in factories. They are familiar with the requirements of many countries and adjust the formula for each client.

Born of China Branch

The annual production capacity of MelaCollTM cellulose ether is 40000/MT. It ensures us to finish your order within 5 working days.

Main Roles of the US Headquarter

After-sale service. After our businessman receives your feedback, we will contact the relevant departments at once. Then hold an emergency meeting, and give you a solution within 2 working days at the latest.

Sales and Technician teams from China

DCS (Distributed Control System). It controls all the processes by computers, to reduce the error that may be caused by manual. In China, no more than 5 counterparts have this system.

Melacoll capacity

Our cyclone blending & mixing system helps to mix the powders very well. The working capacity is 10,000kg/batch, which greatly shortens the production time.


Countries covered


high quality customer


yearly output

Other Sectors Under the Name of MIKEM

We rely on years of project experience, and record. Choose different grades according to different projects to solve problems for you.

Production Base

Our MelaColl™ products include Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) and Hypromellose (HEC), Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC).


Cellulose ether brand under Mikem Company


We also offer a redispersible polymer powder product, Mikrant™ RDP, which forms a complementary technology to our MelaColl™ cellulose portfolio. Our new manufacturing base located in Shandong, China will formally put into productions in 18 September, 2022, Perfectly meeting the current market demand.


RDP(VAE) brand under Mikem Company


5,000 tons of Fiberego™ Concrete fibers including pp fiber, macro fiber and steel fibers are transported annually to each corner of the world from China prodcution base.


Concrete fibers under Mikem Company

Annual production capacity

Over 50,000 tons of Melacoll™ Cellulose ether, 20,000 tons of Mikrant™ RDP, and 5,000 tons of Fiberego™ synthetic pp fibers are transported to each corner of the world every year originated from these manufacturing bases.

The new factory is under construction

A new registered but with matured experieces RDP production base is under construction and will put into production on 18 September, 2022, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons

The new factory is under construction

Our Advantages !

With extensive experience in chemical and construction coating and tile industry, we’ve established expertise and credibility to meet our customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations.

Our Advantages

Technical Assistance-- Advanced Chemical Laboratory

What sets us apart from our competitors is the key components and formula developed by our R&D department in advanced chemical labs from Dallas, United States.

We create innovative, profitable, and sustainable solutions for our customers.

Our independent cellulose ether laboratory and experienced technical team enable us to develop new solutions and improve the current products.

Innovative Technology-- customized formula at the leading edge .

Our lab technicians have been working in the specialty chemical industry for more than 15 years. The customized formula in special areas like self-leveling and tile adhesive is their achievements from years of dedicated research. They never stop thier exploration and innovation.

With at least three technical research labs and Scientific and Technological consultants from the R&D center in Dallas, US, we keep our products innovative and competitive, always catering to the fields in the leading edges like 3D printing and micro cement.

According to your situation, precise customization for you.

Customized Formulation

Customized Formulation

We could meet your diversified needs at the same time with our modified products.We also partner with our clients to customize products that best suit your specific industrial needs.

Tailored Product Solutions

Tailored Product Solutions

As long as you have requirements, we will manage to meet them with fast response: OEM, customized package bags, including bag size, and special water-soluble packaging film (Macrofiber with this packaging can greatly save container space, saving you money.)

Powerful Production Capacity -- Overview of The Four Production Bases

Four production bases with an annual capacity of 70,000 tons are supported by three unique Trademarks (Melacoll™, Mikrant™, Fiberego™) under our Parents Company, Mikem Chemical.

Two Melacoll Cellulose Ethers Factories provide us with advanced production capacity.

We have invested two cellulose ether manufacturing plants in China with an annual production capacity of 50,000MT.

What sets us apart from the rest of competitors? Key components from U.S. R&D and competitive budgets of raw materials and production cost from our Chinese production bases .

We offer highly competitive products with premium quality at a reasonable price.

Production Bases

Why can we achieve high quality and reasonable price.


Mikem US headquarters

Has a professional research and development team. Modify the product for industrial application.


Mikem China factory

The advantages of building factories in China, in terms of raw materials and labor and cost savings.


Product quality control

The headquarters sends technical personnel to supervise product quality in the factory for a long time.



This can save costs without compromising product quality.

Mikrant RDP production base and the new production base is a perfect complement choice with a reasonable price and competitive quality. Our stable suppliment and fast reaction is our Trump at the time when the raw materials are fluctuate and of tight inventory.

Fiberego Concrete fiber advanced production line catering diversed need of contractor's like tailor-made length of the concrte fibers: water soluble packages, and quick suppliment 1.5 times faster than common competitors.

4 -STEP Quality Control

4 -STEP Quality Control

We supervise our Quality in each chain of our supplement systemfrom Purchasing raw materials to Exporting. Each process is under a strict control system managed by the independent team working closely between the supervised chain.

Step 1 Purchasing : The crew from purchase dept. will rate our raw material suppliers through CSR procurement guidelines through a 7-step assessment standard.

Step 2 Producing : We rely on our watertight QC control system with advanced pieces of the control system in the production process.

Step 3 Green Ways : Green processing shows we are striving for an environmentally friendly manufacturing style.

Step 4 Complaining : For customers making quality complaints, the service team will process the complaints together with the production/purchasing/ logistic and packaging dept within 24 hours respond in 48 hours with feedback and solutions.

Why can we achieve high quality and reasonable price.

Partners from related departments rate it. If it is less than 80 points, we will inform the supplier to improve it and replace this it when less than 70 points.

Quality ( 25 points )

Price ( 25 points )

Delivery time ( 25 points )

Quantity ( 25 points )

Packaging ( 25 points )

Complaint ( 25 points )

Technical support ( 25 points )

You can trust that we strictly control the quality of raw materials for your products.

Environmental Friendly Materials Batching

The most essential part is to control the production process. We invest several advanced pieces of equipment.

Environmental Friendly Materials Batching

Distributed Control System

It controls all the processes by computers, to reduce the error may be caused by manual. In China, no more than 5 counterparts have this system.

Dust-free Processing System

Dust-free processing system transport the raw materials in closed pipelines, to avoid impurities. It also provides workers a healthy working place.

Cyclone Blending&Mixing System

Our cyclone blending&mixing system mixes the powders very powerful. The working capacity is 10,000kg/batch, which greatly shortens the production time.

MVR Wastewater Treatment System

As an environment-friendly company, we invested 1.5 billion on the MVR wastewater treatment system, to achieve zero wastewater discharge.

Customer Oriented

Diversed Cultural Environment.

we have our employs from China, U.S , Philipines and South Korea and Algeria. We also work from our colleagues from the division offices from all over the world, Brazil, Chile, India. The culture here around us is of highly tolerence and diversified. The young and passionate atmosphere is enjoyed and valued by everyone work here.

Customer Oriented

Improve Labor Use.

Strengthen employee training, also track&deal with problems in the production process timely with DCS.

Agility, efficiency, green way, and safety for production.

Our uniqueness sets us apart from the other compatitors, because we always care about our brand name and well reputations around the world.

Customer Oriented

As soon as we receive any complaints from any of our customers, we will forwarder the information to the well trained sevice team.

They will report to our info dept. in no time. Aftering the meeting with ball the relavant party they will response to your complaints with solutions within 24 hours.

Brand Value

Melacoll is an emerging brand growing rapidly in the key markets around the world like the Gulf area, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.

We are young and passionate and aggressive, and most importantly, we are always competitive in each newly developed market.


Can’t find a suitable product? We can! Looking for a competitive price and reliable service? We are at your request!

We aim to provide you with a one-stop shopping experience and help you source a full complementary specialized chemical products from the well-renowned manufacturers around the world.

Mikem's supply chain procurement service

Mikem Chemical Ltd. Co.


+86 531 87919350 (Beijing Time: 9:00-17:00)

melacoll@mikem.com (China office)

RDdept@mikem.com (US R&D office)

China office: Jinan University Science Park, No.988 Shunxing Road, Jinan, Shandong, China.

Headquarter: 5955 Alpha Rd #1209 Dallas, TX 75240

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