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Melacoll is a cellulose ether manufacturer in china. From the beginning, we focus on the production of HPMC, HEMC and HEC, providing high-quality and best cellulose ether price for many countries and regions.

American brand, strict quality control;

Factories in China, complete supply chain system;

Cellulose ether annual production capacity of 50,000, to provide a stable supply, fast delivery;

98.2% customer satisfaction, Melacoll professional team do our best to meet your needs.

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We have built a strong team capable of providing the best commodities related to cellulose ether, concrete fiber, Redispersible Powder(RDP)

About Melacoll

We have built a strong team capable of providing the best commodities related to cellulose ether, cellulose, Redispersible powder( RDP )

What People Say About Us

I started my company two years ago and there are tons of startups like mine here in India, where when it comes to purchasing the first thing that we think about-- other than product quality --is surely the price. Melacoll’s quoted price for customized products, compared with other manufacturers, is truly competitive; and after I requested for some HPMC samples for test, they sent me what I asked for immediately with no hesitation. And it was the great performance of their HPMC samples, combined with their price advantages that made me decide to start collaboration with them, which I'd say is definitely gonna be in long term.

-- India

1 One of the things about Melacoll that impressed me the most is that not only are they capable of maintaining a consistent performance in terms of their great quality control, but also the consistency is manifested in the aspect of their stable supply of products, which is so important to people like me. There was one time when my company urgently needed to purchase some HEC and RDP powder in great amounts, however all the other three suppliers that I worked with for a very long time were short of RDP stocks, so I resorted to Melacoll, which at the time I had only started to cooperate with. Much to my surprise, Melacoll instantly responded to my request and delivered the exact amount of RDP power just in time, which was truly a big help. And since that Melacoll has become my regular supplier, and I really appreciate their efforts in ensuring both quality and quantity.

-- Middle East

Melacoll’s customer services are extraordinary. They launched a series of products that are suitable for our local market, and they're also great at producing customized products that 100% made my criteria and standard. In terms of customer services, one thing that I appreciate the most is that anytime I have a question about products or delivery, Melacoll’s sales team is always available to fix my problem. Once during our collaboration, there were some delivery issues due to problems with the shipment, and I was a little bit worried about whether the goods could be delivered in time, but my worries were immediately dismissed by Melacoll’s sales team’s prompt reply, and the issue was fixed within no time. And another thing I adore is that Melacoll’s sales team would get in touch with me through regular video conferencing, which is a great way to communicate with each other in an efficient way.

-- Southeast Asia

Once you start to work with Melacoll, chances are it will become your long-term supplier--you can take my word for that. Outstanding product quality, good services, reasonable prices, what else are you looking for? And there are different product ranges available with corresponding prices that could choose depending on your needs and situation. At the same time, Melacoll still remains price advantages even when providing premium products. Personally speaking, Melacoll ranks my number one choice.

-- South America


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We rely on years of project experience, and record. Choose different grades according to different projects to solve problems for you.
Tile Adhesive

Tile Adhesive

Cellulose ethers (e.g., HPMC, MHEC) and Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) are part of the tile adhesive formulation to improve product efficiency and performance.

Wall Putty/ Skim Coat

Wall Putty/ Skim Coat

Skim coat offers a smooth wall surface and ensure easy workability, long open time and excellent water retention and more.

Plasters And Renders

Plasters And Renders

Cement based render with Melacoll ensures top quality and high efficiencies when applied to projects sites in terms of tensil strength, crack resistance, workability, sag resistence and more.



Self-leveling with Melacoll can enhance the fluidity of the mortar, thereby improving the leveling and ease of on-site application. it can also enhance the flexural and tensile bond strength on various substrates.

Joint Compound

Joint Compound

With delayed solubility, Melacoll HPMC , is well known by its good thickening effect and emulsification acts perfect in the ready to use Joint Fillers. The same applies to Melacoll HEMC.



Our Mikrant RDP and MelaColl cellulose products in EIFS aim to improve processability and enhance bond strength, both are widelly used in EIFS to improve abrasion resistance and avoid lump formation.

Paints And Coatings

Paints And Coatings

Melacoll HEC has excellent biostability and high pigment compatibility so to improve the stability of viscosity and dissolution of water based paints.



Our Melacoll cellulose ether products are widely used in daily care chemicals and detergents. They can provide good dispersion, thickening effect, good compatibility and highly transparent.

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