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How to make redispersible polymer powder in five steps?

"Hi, guys, welcome to Mikem Chemical, I am Eve. In this video we are going to talk about the VAE RDP manufacturing process."

Here are 5 steps of redispersible polymer powder manufacturing process:

1. Prepare protective colloid

See, we are mixing the protective colloid powder into the water at 50°C.

Heat it until until it turns into glue.

Then add defoamer.(if you need, contact us)

Keep the liquid at 90-100°C for about 1 hour until it becomes transparent.

2. Prepare dispersion

You can see our tanks containing VAE emulsion here.

With pipes, we transport the emulsion and the prepared protective colloid into the blending kettle.

Mixing them well, add water and defoamer needed and then heating it up to 50°C-55°C.

3. Spray drying

This is our spray dryer, the inlet is on the top.

When its temperature is up to 140°C-150°C, transport the prepared dispersion to the inlet with a screw pump.

There is a high-speed centrifugal atomization disk, which atomizes the liquid into micro-droplets.

Add the release agent with hot air, it will connected with the droplets to avoid RDP clumping.

At a hot temperature, the micro-droplets will quickly become a gas-solid mixture.

4. Cooling and separating

Keep the outlet at about 80°C, quickly export the mixture into the collector, and cool it down with 5°C dry wind.

Then put it into the filter. After sieving, we get RDP powder.

5. Packaging


All products are neatly placed in the pallet, and covered with plastic films to protect from moisture. For more information, click here: how to load RDP?

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