Latex paint is a kind of water-based paint, also known as synthetic resin emulsion paint. It is prepared by synthetic resin emulsion, pigments, fillers and various additives.

It has fast film formation, short working time, low cost, excellent air permeability, odorless, and good scrub resistance. Now is the most popular eco-friendly paints in the recent years.

Our MelaColl™ HE3000B improves the thickness and suspension of the coating, helps it has better workability.

Our MelaColl™ HEC provides the following features for painting and coating:


  • Remarkable thickening effect: HE3000B can give the coating a certain water retention effect, and delay the drying time. So you have a longer operating time.
  • Effectively prevent precipitation and stratification during the storage.
  • HEC has strong resistance to biological enzymes: It can resist the corrosion of biological enzymes produced by microorganisms.
  • MelaColl™ HE3000B improves the sagging phenomenon during construction: The product is easy to spread on the base layer and  convenient for construction.
  • Splash resistant: It can effectively reduce the splash phenomenon in the construction process. Not only save the cost, but also reduce the cleaning time in the later stage.

Recommended MelaColl Grades:


Summary of frequently asked questions

How to choose water-based paint?

1. Look at the packaging.

The product packaging should be well sealed, without leakage.

The metal packaging should without rust.

The production date and shelf life are within the required range.

2. Smell.

An eco-friendly water-based paint should be odorless after opening the lid.

After exposed to air, the surface of latex paint will form a thick and elastic oxide film and not easy to crack.

Mix the water-based paint with a wooden stick, and then pick it up with a wooden stick. When it flows down, it will form a fan shape. Touch it with your fingers, it should be smooth and delicate.

3. Observation colors.

High-quality latex paint has a clean, colorless or yellowish protective glue layer on the surface.

4. Choose water-based paint according to the room.

Select it according to your requirements. For example, the latex paint for bedrooms should have strong adhesion, fine texture, good differentiation resistance and air permeability. Latex paints for kitchens and bathrooms should be waterproof, mildew-proof and easy to wash.

5. Look at the content of VOC.

The VOC of a coating refers to the total amount of organic compounds contained in the coating. It will cause harm to the environment and the human body. The water-based paint with negligible zero is the real environmentally friendly water-based paint.

What are the features of exterior wall latex paint?

1. Good decoration. Exterior wall latex paint is colorful, diversified in choice, good in color retention;

2. Good water resistance. The exterior wall is often washed by rainwater, it must have good water resistance.

3. Good stain resistance. The exterior wall latex paint must not be easily stained by these substances. It also needs to be easy to clean.

4. Good weather resistance. The coating outside is easily cracking, peeling, powder removal, discoloration... making it lose its original decoration and protection. So, the exterior wall latex paint must have good weather resistance to avoid the damage above.

What are the features of interior wall latex paint?

1. Good water resistance and scrub resistance. You have to scrub the stains on the wall frequently. So the scrub resistance and waterproof performance of the coat must be good.

2. Rich in colors. The interior wall paint should be colorful to meet the different preferences of users.

3. Good construction. Since the space is relatively small in the room, it will be obvious if there is any defect. So it requires the paint to have a better appearance, with small brush marks and no sagging.

4. Alkali resistance and mildew resistance. The base layer of the wall is alkaline, so the coating should have good alkali resistance to avoid damage.

5. Good air permeability. Reduce the growth of bacteria caused by excessive moisture in the bathroom and other places.

What is the difference between latex paint and oil paint?

1. Latex paint dries quickly, has excellent alkali resistance, and is non-toxic, safe and tasteless. It does not harm to health.

2. Oil paint is generally poisonous and has heavy smell. But it has great decorative, and can resist corrosion, water, chemical, temperature and light.


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