The 2 Powerful Cellulose Ether Manufacturers: Mikem and Dow
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1. Who manufactures cellulose ether?

At present, the main cellulose ether manufacturers in the world include Ashland, Dow, Lotte, and Shandong Head. Cellulose ethers are water-soluble polymers produced by chemically modifying cellulose. The main examples of cellulose ethers include CMC, MC, and derivatives such as HPMC, HEMC, and HEC.

In this article, we will mainly introduce Dow and Mikem. Both Mikem and Dow are cellulose ethers manufacturers. Dow Chemical is one of the top three chemical producers in the world. Mikem Chemical is a leading  cellulose ethers manufacturer and supplier in the world.

1.1 Dow chemical

Founded in 1897, Dow Chemical is a multinational corporation in the United States. Headquartered in Midland, Michigan, USA. It is one of the world's three largest chemical manufacturers. Dow Chemical is a producer and supplier of raw materials for products in the electrical, automotive, agricultural, chemical processing, electronics, natural gas, and processed foods industries. At the beginning of its establishment, it only sold bleach and potassium bromide.

Dow Chemical's product range is also expanding, including cellulose ethers, re-dispersible latex powders, acrylic polymer emulsions, silicon, synthetic thickeners, Dispersants, and Opaque Polymers. Used in construction, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry.

1.2 Mikem chemical

cellulose ether manufacturers mikem

Mikem was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Dallas, USA. The headquarters is mainly responsible for product research and development and quality inspection. Mikem has focused on the production of cellulose ethers including HPMC, HEMC, HEC, re-dispersible latex powder, and concrete fibers since the beginning. Concrete fiber reinforced materials including PP fiber, steel fiber, and polyvinyl alcohol fiber. It is in a leading position in the production and supply of cellulose ether. Mainly used in construction and detergent industries. Through communication with customers, the U.S. R&D department constantly adjusts and optimizes the formula to develop more applicable products.

2. Brands of Mikem Chemical and Dow


Company Mikem Chemical Dow
Brands MelaColl cellulose ether, FibeRego concrete fiber, Mikrant re-dispersible polymer powder, Mikrant starch ether. WALOCEL Cellulose Ethers, DOW Latex Powders, DOWSIL Silicones, PRIMAL and UCAR Acrylic Dispersion, and AQUASET Acrylic Thermosetting Resins


Dow Chemical is the manufacturer of METHOCEL. Different from methylcellulose, METHOCEL refers to HPMC. Besides, Dow chemical brands include: WALOCEL Cellulose Ethers, DOW Latex Powders, DOWSIL Silicones, PRIMAL and UCAR Acrylic Dispersion, and AQUASET Acrylic Thermosetting Resins

Mikem's brands include MELACOLL Cellulose Ether, FIBEREGO Concrete Fiber, MIKRANT Redispersible Polymer Powder, and MIKRANT Starch Ether.


3 Cellulose grades of cellulose ethers

3.1 WaloCel MKX 45000 PP 10 VS Melacoll ME45000


WaloCel MKX 45000 PP 10 MelaColl ME45000
Appearance White powder white white or off-white powder
Solubility Water soluble, delayed solubility in pH-neutral cold water No delayed solubility
Viscosity (1), mPa•s 48500 40000-55000
pH (2% solution) neutral 6-8
Moisture content, %, max. 7 ≤5
Application Thickener in water-based system/Cement and polymer-based tile adhesives/Waterproofing membranes Tile adhesive/concrete adhesive/EIFS adhesive
Etherification(MS/DS): / 0.8-1.2/1.8-2.0
Gel tempreture: / 70-85°C


As cellulose ether manufacturer, we also have equal grade HPMC. In the production process of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, the methoxy content of the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose produced by Mikem is 19-24%. And the hydroxypropyl content is 4-12%. Generally speaking, the higher the methoxy content, the greater the viscosity and the better the water retention effect. The R&D department has designed a variety of HPMCs to meet market demand, such as MelaColl MP45000 and MP70000. The difference between the two is that the viscosity of MP70000 is 65000-75000, and the viscosity of MP45000 is between 40000-55000. In addition, MP45000 has a medium level of final consistency, anti-sagging, and thickening effect. In these aspects,  MP75000 is better than MP45000.

Grade Viscosity,mpa.s Final consistency Sag resistance Thickening effect
ME45000 40000-55000 moderate moderate moderate
ME70000 65000-75000 high excellent excellent

3.2 (DLP) 2000 vs Mikrant ET3060A


(DLP) 2000 Mikrant ET3060A
Appearance White, free- flowing powder White, free- flowing powder
Polymer Base Vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer VAE
Residual moisture, Residual moisture, max % 2 /
Bulk density, 0.375 – 0.525 g/ml 400-600
Ash content. % 10-14 12±2%
Redispersion Redispersion (50% solids) ≥99%
( MFFT), °C 3 0
ph 5-7 6-8
application Cement based tile adhesives/Adhesion mortars/Repair mortars/Renders/Gypsum joint fillers Crack fillers Tile adhesives/Skim coat/Wall putty/EIFS adhesives/Repair mortars/Self leveling compounds

In addition to being cellulose ethers manufacturers, Mikem also produces construction chemicals that can be dispersed in latex powder, concrete fibers, etc. This two products in table is Both products are suitable for use in tile adhesive cement-based formulations. Both Dow and Mikem dispersible latex powders are obtained by spray drying vinyl acetate. Combines the performance and benefits of liquid latex. It can be quickly dissolved in water, has perfect water release characteristics, long open time, perfect anti-slip and temperature resistance to contact, especially suitable for high-quality cement-based rubber powder formulations.

3.3   Walocel Mk400PF vs Melacoll MP400


WaloCel Mk 400 PF Melacoll MP400
appearence powder White or off white powder
solubility Water soluble Water soluble
modification retarded dissolution No delayed solubility
Viscosity mpa.s 240-400 400
Ph(2% solution) neutral 6-8
Moisture content Max.7% Max.5%
application Cementbased grouts/self leveling underlayment Self leveling conmpound

3.4   DLP2101 VS Mikrant ET3080


DLP2101 ET3080A
Solid content / ≥99%
Ash content 10 - 14 % 12±2%
Bulk density 0.42 – 0.61 g/ml 400-600
mfft ca. 0 °C 0℃
PH 7.5 6-8
appearence white or off-white powde white or off-white powde
application Thermal insulation systems (adhesive & reinforcement layer)/Tile adhesive/Cement based plasters/Joint filler/Repair mortar/Crack filler Tile adhesive/SKim coat/wall putty eifs base coat/Tile grout/decotrative render/one coat renders

3.5 CELLOSIZE™ QP-52000-H vs Melacoll HE3000B


CELLOSIZE™ Hydroxyethyl Cellulose QP-52000-H Melacoll HE3000B
Viscosity 2400 to 3000 cp(1% brookfield) 25000-35000mpa.s(brookfield rv 2%)
Water insolubles 1.00%.maximum Delayed so.lubility
volatiles 5.0%,maximum 5.0%,maximum
Solution ph(2%) 6.0-7.0 6-8
Hydration time(PH 7.2 buffer) 5 to 15 minutes Ca. 30 min
Particle size 98%,minimum through #20 mesh: 99% pass 80 mesh
application Latex paints/personal care/household cleaner/tape-joint compound Interior paints/exterior paints/fire retanrant coating/cosmetic
Pigment compatibility / high
Wet srub resistance / High
Thickening effect / moderate

4. How to find good Chinese cellulose ether manufacturers

If you want to find  good cellulose ether manufacturers in China, you may be more concerned about the quality, price, capacity, and whether the cellulose ether manufacturer is a real, trader or manufacturer.

Are you a manufacturer or a trader: Most Of Chinese cellulose ether manufacturers are located in Shandong and Hebei. They all have their own supply chain systems. I have a very simple way of determining whether it is a manufacturer or not. The average manufacturer offers much less product than a supplier. Hope this little way can help you.

Capacity problem: Many cellulose ether buyers like to stock up on Dow, Lotte, and Estée because their production capacity is relatively large, they can provide a stable supply of goods, and can quickly stock up and ship. The annual production capacity respectively are 100,000 tons, 40,000 tons. 8,000 tons.

China can get such a level, known as Shandong Head, 37,000 tons. At present, Heda mainly specializes in high-end fields, especially pharmaceutical grade, and food grade cellulose ether production. Shandong Mikem provides construction-grade cellulose ether with an annual production capacity of about 50,000 tons.

Price problem: You must know that prices abroad are generally higher than at home. The price in Hebei, China, is lower, but there are also certain quality problems.

Quality issues: Speaking of cellulose ether manufacturers in China, you must be worried about the quality of products at Alibaba, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in Hebei. Mikem is an American brand that is able to offer high-quality cellulose ether products.

5. What things American brand bring us?

Product Stewardship of MelaColl™ Cellulose Ethers 1

5.1 Advanced lab

Mikem has an advanced chemical laboratory in Dallas, USA, employing experienced experimenters. This sets us apart from most of our competitors in the market. The chemical laboratory will continue to provide us with key ingredients and formulations for continuous innovation in response to market demand. Self-leveling and tile adhesive are the results of our painstaking research.

5.2 Five quality control

As a cellulose ether manufacturer, Mikem has four factories in China, and the US headquarters regularly arranges technicians to monitor product quality. From raw material procurement to export, every step is under strict control system.

Step 1 Purchasing : The crew from purchase dept. will rate our raw material suppliers through CSR procurement guidelines through a 7-step assessment standard.

Step 2 Producing : We rely on our watertight QC control system with advanced pieces of the control system in the production process.

Step 3 Green Ways : Green processing shows we are striving for an environmentally friendly manufacturing style.

Step 4 Complaining : For customers making quality complaints, the service team will process the complaints together with the production/purchasing/ logistic and packaging dept within 24 hours respond in 48 hours with feedback and solutions.

6. Summary

Mikem chemical is equipped with high-innovation R&D technology and experienced technical personnel.  At least three R&D laboratories have been set up in Dallas, USA. The concept of sustainable development is in. Bring better products to customers. Mikem did not want to stop supplying hot-selling brands to the world. Last year, the total sales reached 200 million, and it is expected to reach a higher level this year. If you are interested in our hot sale products or more products, please contact us.



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