Cement Based Renders​​​

Cement Based Renders​

Cement-based render is a building material made by mixing cement and sand in a particular proportion. It has been extensively used on internal and external walls to perform the functions of waterproofing, improving fire rating, and aestheticizing the surface through the use of coloured or textured renders. According to its functions, cement-based renders can be categorized into several types: base coat renders, one coat renders, decorative renders, skim coat, self-leveling compounds, waterproofing mortars, etc. Compared with other mortars, it has better fluidity, durability, and workability.

As high-performance additives designed for special mortars, our MelaCollTM cellulose ether products and MikrantTM RDP products are widely used in cement plastering and can significantly strengthen cement-based mortars’ properties and performances in the following ways:

MelaColl Cellulose Ethers For Cement Based Renders​​
Skim coat

Skim Coat​

Skim coat is also called wall putty, is a decorative and functional trowelling…

Self leveling compounds

Self-Leveling Compounds​

Self-leveling compounds are chemical mixtures used to smooth uneven concrete…

Waterproof mortars

Waterproofing Mortars​

Waterproofing mortar is a dry-mix mortar made from cement, aggregates, and…

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