MelaColl Cellulose Ethers For Masonry Mortars

Masonry mortars are a mixture of cement, lime, sand, water, and chemical additives. They are used for laying bricks or blocks.  Masonry mortar plays a vital role in construction. For example, they are applied to bond units and seal joints to prevent air/moisture penetration.

Chemical additives contribute to the performance of the masonry mortar in a significant way. MIKEM’s MelaColl TM MP products and Mikrant TM  ET3060 are widely used in masonry mortars to enhance water retention and bond strength. It also helps prevent the crack formation and provide excellent workability.

MelaColl is a trademark for MIKEM’s cellulose products and derivatives. We offer both standard and customized/tailored grade products for your specific industrial application.

Mikrant is a trademark for MIKEM’s redispersible polymer powder product. Our Mikrant RDP products form a complementary technology to our MelaColl cellulose portfolio.

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