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How to load cellulose ether and redispersible polymer powder? Mikem will give you the perfect solution. The volume of cellulose ether and Redispersible Polymer Powder is different. We will have 2 choices of containers to choose from to load the cellulose ether: 20 GP container or 40 HC container. The quality of RDP is lighter, the loading capacity of RDP reached 13 tons (20 GP)and 26 tons (40 HC).

How do you load a capacity of 20 GP container, for example, the cellulose ether or redispersible polymer powder(RDP). And how do you load cellulose ether or RDP in pallets? When you start to think about this kind of question. Congratulations!!! you are in the doorway of your corporation of Mikem Chemical.

So here's the question: how do we arrange the shipment of the product you purchased?

Actually you don't need to worry about it.

We will provide you with a professional explanation so that we can help you with a better understanding of the whole everything. Because the volume of the cellulose ether and the Redispersible Powder is different, so we need to introduce them separately.

No.1 How to load cellulose ether- HPMC, MHEC, HEC powder?


let's start first about the loading capacity of each bag. With a packing bag like this with PE line, each bag can hold 25 kg cellulose ether and RDP respectively. And each pallet can hold up 20 bags like this.As is shown in the picture, we will have two choices of container to choose from to load these products: 20 GP container or 40 HC container. Generally speaking, when the quantity of your products is no more than 10 tons, our recommendation is 20 GP container. When you purchase a quantity beyond 10 tons but less than 22 tons, we recommend you to choose a 40 HC container.

You can see, we will use the pallets to to help hold the bags. Each container will hold two layers of the pallets. This is designed to ensure the stability of the pallets. With this structure, a 20 GP container can hold 20 pallets. well a 40 HC container can hold 40 pallets. For a 20GP container, each pallets will hold about 20 bags, which are divided into five layers. There are four bags on each layer. These bags are arranged in the shape of a windmill. So for a 40 HC container, each pallet will hold 24 bags. It will be divided into six layers.

Next let me show the details about the bag, the dimensions is about 0.69m* 0.4m * 0.18m and the load capacity of each bag is 25 kg. We have made colorful design for each bag well. In fact, this kind of design like size and style by of the bags can be decided by our customer. So in the end, the product will carefully loaded by our workers. A 20 GP container is expected to load 10 tons of the product, while a 40HC container is expected to load 22 tons of the products.

NO.2 How to load Redispersible Powder?


When the product is RDP, the situation is almost the same as cellulose ether, but it will have different other aspects such as the packing bags.

As for the quantity of the RDP, it is lighter than the cellulose ether. So the numbers of the bags loaded on each layer of the pallets, it is slightly different. For a 20GP container, it adapts the arrangement of 5 layers + 6 layers. And for a 40 HC container, it adapts the arrangement of 6 layers + 7 layers.

Another difference is the bag size. With the same capacity, the size could be reduced to 0.68m*0.5m* 0.15m. But fortunately, with our efforts, the loading capacity of RDP have reached 30 tons ( 20 GP ) and 26 tons(40 HC) . As you know, the higher the loading capacity is, the lower the transport budget will be. So it's definitely a great choice for you.

Well, finally I want to say is that some customers they don't want to use pallets so that they can save more rooms for a container right. but with this way, this is not as safe as that is. With the pallets, so our kind advice is that we have better use the pallet.

So that's all for today. Everyone, thank you for your time to be with Mikem Chemical. See you next time!


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