FAQ1: Production Capacity: How Mikem Reached 70,000 Tons
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Headquartered in Dallas, USA, MIKEM CHEMICAL is a global manufacturer of special chemical products. Four production bases with an annual production capacity of 70,000 tons are supported by three unique Trademarks: MelaColl™, Mikrant™, Fiberego™.

Today we're going to talk about some mostly asked questions from our customers.

FAQ1: Tell me something about your company Mikem Chemical, right? Who is Mikem chemical? How many years have you established yourself? Tell me something about it.

So Mikem Chemical Shandong is a United States Based Company established in 2019.

2 years after our United States headquarter was established in Dallas, Texas, and the United States, with decades of experiences in the cutting edge technology of cellulose ethers, our founder Mr Cui, as a technician, he has created Mikem Chemical the brand itself.

FAQ2: How many sectors does Mikem chemical have? I already know Mikem MelaColl Mikrant and Fiberego. What's their relationship? can you tell me?

So as a young brand growing rapidly in the giant market like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Peru and India, we have three separate brands under the name of Mikem Chemical.

We have Melacoll, Mikrant and Fiberego.

MIKEM chemical brands

  1. Melacoll is for cellulose ether like HEMC, HPMC and HEC powder.
  2. Mikrant, we basically have the product like RDP. Two kinds of grades were separated ET 3O60 ET3080. we also have other grades for your choose.
  3. And for Fiberego, we mainly talk about the concrete fibers, like PP fiber, Macro fiber and steel fiber, etc.

FAQ3: Do you have your own plant or factory? what is their capacity?

Okay, so we have powerful production capacity. Let's take a short review of the 4 production bases in china.

1. Melacoll cellulose ether.

We have 50 000 capacity every year for our production of cellulose ether.

what will set us apart from the rest of our competitor?

I think is the key components from our R&D in United States and the relatively budget raw materials and the labors from China. So at the same time, we can offer highly competitive products with premium quality at a reasonable price.

2. Mikrant redispersible polymer powder (RDP)


Mikrant RDP production base with the new ZOVAE product base is a perfect complement choice with a reasonable price and a competitive quality.

Our stable suppliment and fast reaction is our Trump at the time, when the raw materials are in fluctuation and tight inventory.

3. Fiberego concrete fiber

The capacity of our production base is about 5 000 tons per year. And we are producing all kinds of concrete fibers like PP fiber, Macro fiber, Steel fiber, etc. So we have a quick suppliment 1.5 times faster than the common competitor and especially when steel fiber are transported annually to each corner of the world from china production basis.

Okay, so much for today, everyone. For more FAQs, we will update next week. Thank you for your attention, goodbye you!


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