FAQ2: Cellulose Ether Application Grade Tutorial for Beginner
Melacoll 2022-05-27 08:18

From the perspective of customers, Mikem recommends Melacoll cellulose ether application grade or Mikrant RDP for different industry fields, including plaster and wall putty, water proofing mortar, tile adhesive, self leveling mortar. there are 5 questions about HPMC MHEC HEC RDP grades and uses.

FAQ1: ''How can I use your cellulose ether or RDP like Mikrant and  Melacoll? How do I use them in my product based on different viscosity or  application industry?''

''So celulose ether of Melacoll including HPMC HEMC and HEC. Right. Based on different viscosity in brookfield ranging from 400 to 80 000,  we have different application areas for this, like: self leveling in low viscosity, and skim coat or wall putty with viscosity ranging from 40 000 to 60 000, and we also have tile adhesive application with more viscosity. So if you need more suggestions as for the viscosity, you can contact us, our sales will give you very professional suggestions.''

FAQ2: ''So I am manufacturing white cement and wall putty. Can you give me some recommendation of your grades for white cement production?''

''Okay, for your question for the application of cement plaster or the wall putty, skim coat, we will recommend the grades of ME 45 000 with a viscosity of 35 000 to 60 000. These grades can provide great workability and great quantity and open time during you are doing your work site. So you can take a look at this wall putty formula. This can provide a better choice for you to choose the best grades for your work.''


FAQ3:''Hello, sir. I'm from Tunisia. I manufacture waterproofing products, can you give me some recommendations based on my industry? thank you very much.''

''Well, for our waterproofing mortar and waterproofing cement, we recommend our cellulose ether HPMC or HEMC 45 000 with a viscosity of 35 000 to 55 000. With this viscosity, it can create a great fluidity and water retention plus RDP ET3060. It can create a great sag resistance.  So you can refer to this formula and customize the best product that suits you the most.''

hpmc for water proofing product

FAQ4: ''I need cellulose ether for producing a tile adhesive. Can you give me some recommendation of your cellulose ether application or RDP and also please tell me your formula?''

''Well for tile adhesive, also for your information, this is our best seller grades. For tile adhesive, we usually will recommend HPMC MP 70 000 or HEMC ME 70 000 for tile adhesive with a viscosity ranging 65 000 to 80 000 based on different applications you will use. You can customize your own formulation, and you can tell this to your own sales team by the way. And with this viscosity it can create great workability and open time. Also it can create, it also provides great sag resistance. So please refer to this formula that we can give a best recommendation for the additions of your sample test.''


FAQ5: ''I need some cellulose ether and RDP for self-leveling industry. Give me your best recommendation, thank you very much.''

''Well for self-leveling, we usually recommend our Melacoll HPMC MP400. With a viscosity of 300 to 500 with this grades, we can provide great water retention and suspension of the self-leveling mortar. If you want to customize the best grade, if you want to know the best addition volume for you, please refer to this formula chart for your reference.''

hpmc for self leveling

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