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When buying cellulose ether HPMC HEMC HEC and redispersible polymer powder, you may have a lot of questions, such as product quality, annual production capacity, delivery time, payment term, samples, shifts, etc... Mikem provides customers with cellulose ether and redispersible polymer powder.

14 things you need to know about buying cellulose ether and RDP:

1. The capacity of each product MHEC, HPMC, RDP,HEC powder

So the annual capacity of our cellulose ether is 50 000 per year. And for RDP, it is about 12 000 per year.

Well, our factory with 13 horizontal reactors and three vertical reactors. The output of each reactor is about seven tons per time per hour. So with all the reactors in operation, we have a daily output of about 200 tons per day. But actually, in a practice, it is 130 tons. So on average, it is about 55 tons of each grade of HEMC, HPMC, and HEC. And for RDP, we have a daily output of an estimated 20 tons.

For more information about Mikem chemical brands and their production capacity, please click here.

2. Lead time, delivery time, and factory production time

melacoll transportation

So we will start stocking our production, stocking our inventory after we receive your 30% prepayment.

And to contact the shipping company to book a proper vessel for you. It has an estimated departure time of two weeks after your payment. so you can get your products as soon as possible. Right. The production time of our factory is about 7 days.

We only need 7 days to prepare all your cargo and deliver it to the Qingdao port.

3. Does your RDP powder compete with Wacker VINNAPAS?

The ash content of our RDP MIKRANT ET3080 is, for example, about 18% ash content.

What does it mean? It means that during the production process of VAE RDP, we need to put it into an addict named Calcium silicate. Calcium silicate is a very necessary step in the VAE RDP production process.

The ash content of 18% is among the middle-class to the upper class on the quality in the Chinese market.

Even Wacker VINNAPAS 5010 RDP will reach 12% ash in the addition of this agent. Our RDP MIKRANT ET3080 products include three different series according to different levels. If you request for ash content of less than 12%, we may recommend to you the MIKRANT ET3080. Its counterpart is Wacker VINNAPAS 5010N with an ash content of 12%.

4. What is your payment term?

So our payment term is 30% T/T payment as a deposit. And 70% balance T/T against the B/L copy or L/C at sight.

5. Are you cellulose ether manufacturers or outsourcing?

Well, we are investing in two Chinese factories for our Exclusive OEM manufacturing. it makes us more competitive with United States manufacturing standards and China's local economic raw materials or labor resources. Like WACKER, they also have two or three local Chinese OEM manufacturing plants under their brand's name.

One more independent MIKRTANT RDP factory is under construction. and it will be put into mass production this September 2022.

6. The way to ensure quality

Well, how ensure our quality? Our happy customers say everything. The customers will establish a long-term relationship with us. and they always. And our repurchase rate is very high. Plus the supervisor from the United States headquarters will give QC inspectors to supervise our production line. We have had a quality prosecutor who resident long in china. And they will be very strict on every level.

But recently considering the situation of the pandemic in Chinese markets, all the quality inspections are carried out by local reports. And we will conduct online meetings to report our batch quality certificate to our headquarters. But there still was no slack. we never slack. We will send the samples randomly as an inspection for them. If it fails, we will be required by our headquarters to limit our output.

So don't worry about the qualities. we are the best.

7. Does your company accept to be audited by a survey company?

Of course, we welcome your business trip or business building trip for your from your side. And we expect that we are also willing to provide free samples for your testing.

If you have worked with, you know, the third party in china, welcome.

8. Are samples free?

Yeah, we provide free samples ( 200g to 800g) for your lab texting.


And after that, we will be appreciated it if you can give us some feedback so that we can make better improvements and supply better products.

9. How to get the HPMC MHEC HEC and RDP samples?

Well, to get the sample first, you need to find out your sales team in MIKEM Chemical (www.mikem.com). And you can send an inquiry asking for a sample.

You can detail how many samples you need and what is your target industry and which grade you need. You can tell all this information to our sales group. And we will have a sales group to contact you within 20 hours, yeah, within, sorry, 12 hours. And after that, you can get your sample. We will send the sample through FedEx or DHL. You will get the sample in estimated 20 days next.

10. The HPMC dosage in C1 and C2

Okay, for C1 standard concrete, we suggest you add 2 kg to 2.5 kg of HPMC per ton.

And for C2 standard concrete, our suggestion is to add more volume, say, 2.5kg to 3kg.

HPMC Dosage (KG)
C1 2-2.5
C2 2.5 - 3

11. The reason why our product viscosity is higher than Dow or Ashland and Lotte

Well, because MELACOLL and the rest of the cellulose ether suppliers adopt different production processes and different raw materials.

First, let's talk about the HPMC MHEC HEC raw material.

Walocel or the product from Lotte or Ashland or DOW, use the fine wood pulp. It determines that their products might have better water retention.

Well, MELACOLL HPMC production process, we're using refined cotton. this will determine that our products will have better workability and thicking property. The thick property is twice than that of the ordinary products in the market. So the intention we are designing our product is like this, say, high viscosity products for saving our customers' budget. Because of the higher viscosity, the dosage, for example, for tile adhesive, is lower than the normal products in the market.

So with our high-viscosity product, in some way, you can save your dosage, so you need less volume of our products. So in some way, you can save your budget.

12. How to inspect and verify your quality before loading?

Before load cellulose ether and RDP, first, we ensure our quality is the same as the samples we have sent to you for Lab testing, and we're open here. We're open to any inspection audition from your side. I mean if you have any good relationship with a third party from another plant or companies in China, you can send them to our plant. And they can involve in the loading during the day of loading. And they can actually involve in it and they can take some samples. They can send to the lab anything.

We also have a whole after-sale and QC group to make sure that our product is according to the standard.

Also, we have established companies seeking long-term relationships with our customers. So it is very important that we will value our reputation and the good procurement experiences from our customers like you.

13. The amount of inventory or produce the materials only after the PO issued

We will keep on dozens of inventory in the peak season like in the middle of the year March, May, June, July.

And that is why our salesperson always needs our esteemed customer to provide your PO several days in advance. Because we need to tell our factory to put it into mass production or batch production. Especially in the peak season, our inventory will go out and will consume very fast.

14. How many direct vessels are sailing to my country and what is the interval?

Well, the vessel to your country.

I mean the date of the vessel and the lead time they all depend whether your countries are in Latin America. because, for example, to India and Chennai, we have four voyages per month and the lead time is about 15 to 20 days. For example, it would, the lead time will take will be longer because the distance is long right? So the lead time to Latin America would be 20 to 45 days. And the voyage mostly it would be four voltages per month.


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