MHEC POWDER PRICE: A Comprehensive Guide
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In this article, you can learn more about MHEC powder. It includes properties, manufacturer and manufacturing prices, and diverse applications. The most important are four factors that affect MHEC powder price.

1. MHEC Powder Full Form

The full form of MHEC/HEMC is Methyl Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose. It is a non-ionic cellulose derivative. Other cellulose derivatives include HPMC, HEC, CMC, etc.
The raw material of MHEC powder is refined cotton. It has better water retention, adhesion, suspension, and so on. We often used it for tile adhesive, wall putty, and paint.

2. Properties of MHEC Powder

MHEC powder has unique properties. That makes it a popular choice for many industrial applications. The Chinese prefer hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. Other countries often use hydroxyethyl methylcellulose in construction. It is mainly because of MHEC powder properties.

2.1. Physical Properties

MHEC powder is a white to off-white, odorless powder with a fibrous appearance. It has a high molecular weight. And it is hygroscopic, absorbing water to form viscous solutions or gels. The solubility of MHEC varies depending on the degree of substitution (DS) and the molecular weight.

Appearance white or off-white
Moisture ≤5%
Ash ≤5%
Etherification(MS/DS) 0.8-1.2/1.8-2.0
pH value 6-8
Gel temperature 70-85°C
Viscosity 1,000-75,000 mPa.s (Brookfield RV, 2%)

2.2. Chemical Properties

MHEC structure is the same as HPMC chemical. MHEC contains hydroxyethyl groups attached to the hydroxyl groups of cellulose. The degree of substitution determines the number of hydroxyethyl groups present. It affects the solubility, viscosity, and other properties of MHEC. It is stable under normal conditions and is resistant to microbial degradation.

2. Manufacturing Process of MHEC powder

The production of MHEC powder involves several steps. To extract cellulose from natural sources such as wood pulp, cotton. The extracted cellulose is then subjected to alkalization. The following step is etherification using sodium mono chloroacetate. The reaction produces MHEC. Then purified, dried, and milled to get the final product.
The MHEC manufacturing process is the same as the HPMC manufacturing process. But MHEC powder needs Ethylene oxide rather than Propylene oxide.

3. Applications of MHEC Powder

MHEC powder has a wide range of applications across various industries. This makes it a sought-after product.

3.1. Construction Industry


MHEC powder is widely used in the construction industry. Particularly in wall putty, tile adhesives, grouts, and waterproofing compounds, it is practical. Its excellent thickening, binding, and water retention properties make it a popular choice.

3.2. Personal Care and Cosmetics


MHEC powder can apply to personal care and cosmetic products. Because it has excellent thickening, stabilizing, and moisturizing properties. Creams, lotions, shampoos, toothpaste, and gels often use it. MHEC acts as a rheology modifier. It enhances product consistency and ensures proper dispersion of active ingredients.

3.3. Food Industry

MHEC powder can apply to the food industry as a stabilizer, thickener, and binder. It imparts viscosity. And it enhances the texture of a variety of food products, including baked goods. Moreover, MHEC can form gels and films. This makes it suitable for edible coatings and encapsulation of flavors and additives.

3.4. Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, MHEC serves as a critical excipient in various formulations. It acts as a binder in tablet manufacturing. It acts as a thickening agent in liquid dosage forms and a stabilizer in suspensions. MHEC also applies to controlled drug release systems. It provides sustained release of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

3.5. Paper and Textile Industry

In the paper industry, MHEC acts as a surface-sizing agent. It improves the printability, water resistance, and strength of paper products. MHEC is a coating binder. It enhances the adhesion of pigments and other additives in paper coatings. In the textile industry, MHEC is a thickener and stabilizer in dyeing and printing processes. it ensures uniform color distribution and improved wash fastness.

4. MHEC Powder Price: Factors Influencing the Cost

Several factors contribute to the MHEC powder price, including:


4.1. Degree of Substitution

The degree of Substitution refers to the (average) number of substituents attached to each basic unit. The DS of MHEC has a direct impact on its solubility, viscosity, and other properties. Higher DS values result in better performance. In turn, it increases the overall cost of the product.

4.2. Molecular Weight

The molecular weight of MHEC affects its physical and chemical properties. it includes its solubility and viscosity. Higher molecular weight products generally command a higher price. Higher molecular weight means their superior performance characteristic.

4.3. Purity

  • The purity of MHEC powder is a crucial factor that influences its price. Higher-purity products offer better performance. And they are less likely to cause issues in the end application, making them more expensive. There are some characteristics of high-purity MHEC.
  • High-purity MHEC have better water retention and good transparency.
  • High-purity MHEC doesn’t have other smells, like starch.
  • High-purity MHEC is very fluffy.
  • Therefore, the higher purity is, the better quality is. So the MHEC powder price is higher.

4.4. Market Demand and Supply

The overall market demand and supply for MHEC powder can impact its price. High demand coupled with limited supply can lead to price hikes. An oversupply situation can result in lower MHEC powder prices.

4.5. Manufacturer and Country of Origin

The manufacturer and the country of origin also influence MHEC powder price. Products from well-established, reputable manufacturers may command a premium due to their consistent quality and reliability. Manufacturing costs and import/export regulations in the country may also affeact the price.

5. MHEC Powder Price: A Price Range Overview

Based on the available information and market trends, the MHEC powder price can range from ₹310 to ₹340 per kg. This data is the highest price qujian last year. And its price is high than HPMC. If you want to know the latest price, please contact us.

It is crucial to note that this price range is only an approximation. And may vary depending on the factors discussed earlier. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on MHEC powder prices, you can contact manufacturers or suppliers.

6. MHEC Powder Manufacturers

There are several MHEC powder manufacturers worldwide. They offer a wide range of products with varying degrees of substitution, molecular weight, and purity. Some well-known manufacturers include Dow Chemical, Ashland, Shin-Etsu, Lotte Fine Chemical, and Taiwan.

China cellulose ether manufacturers concentrate in China Hebei province. These cellulose ether in hebei manufacturers have low MHEC powder prices. But their quality can not be ensured. So if you want to make collaboration with them, you should be careful. And Shandong province also has many MHEC powder manufacturers, like Head, Landu, Mikem, and so on. Head has a long history. Today, it pursues high applications, like pharmacy, and HPMC capsules. Both Landu and Mikem have construction-grade cellulose ether. but the establishment of Mikem is shorter than Landu. And its head office is in Dallas, USA. Like Wacker, it also has a VAE RDP plant in Nanjing china.

7. How to Find MHEC Powder Price Near Me

To find the MHEC powder price near you, we recommended contacting local suppliers or manufacturers. You can also search online for MHEC powder suppliers in your region. Or You can use online platforms like or google search. These two platform can compare prices and product offerings.

In conclusion, MHEC powder is a versatile product with many industrial applications. The degree of substitution, molecular weight, purity, market demand, and manufacturer affect the MHEC powder price. By understanding these factors and conducting thorough research, you can find the best MHEC powder at the most competitive price for your specific needs.


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