The Best Product Stewardship of MelaColl™ Cellulose Ethers
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MelaColl™ cellulose ether product stewardship incorporates all facets of a product, including its quality, condition, safety, effects on the environment, taking into account current and upcoming regulations, societal needs and pressures, and unswerving work ethics. In chemical industries, product stewardship provides a proper framework obligatory to progress on chemicals management.

MelaColl™ is a trademark of Mikem Chemical, which is a U.S.-based global manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemical ingredients. MelaColl™ exclusively deals with cellulose products and derivatives. Though Mikem’s cellulose ether unit is located in China, the product manufacturing process is controlled by United States standards and regulations.

Product Stewardship of MelaColl™ Cellulose Ethers 1The main reason behind setting up the cellulose ether department in China is that China is one of the most important places of origin for the world’s cellulose ether raw materials. Its low cost of chemical production and workforce empowers Mikem with advantages in providing customers with products and solutions that are of superior value and competitiveness. Still, the product stewardship system is maintained as per USA standards to ensure its best quality and sustainability. The company promotes product stewardship globally and supports the volunteer initiatives of the Global product strategy of Chemical Industry Associations.

The product governance guideline has been planned and designed to organize product management along with functional lines: product manufacturing, research, and development (R&D), supply, marketing, sales, etc. In MelaColl™ cellulose ether group, the product stewardship program is maintained by the regulatory affairs team. The responsibilities for each position are specified to ensure a robust product stewardship program.

MelaColl™ cellulose ether group employs the functional responsibilities for putting into practice Product Stewardship. Some of the significant management functions are as follows:


To stay committed to Product Stewardship, MelaColl™ cellulose ether group has implemented and holds fast to the Responsible Care® program standards laid down by the International Council of Chemical Associations. MelaColl™, while product developing and designing, uses the safest components feasible. It also strives to pick safer ingredients in upgrading its products and innovating new product solutions for its clients.


As per the U.S stewardship, MelaColl™, in product production, strives to conserve energy and efficiently use raw materials. It also informs the employees and other members involved about the associated risks of the products.


Mikem sets up strict standards for product quality control. At MelaColl™ cellulose ether group, we provide products of superior quality. We also provide customized formulations and product solutions to meet different customers’ different needs with the assurance of quality to earn their trust and long-term relationship. Each product goes through a quality test before being delivered to the customer.

3.1 4-STEP Quality Control

Step 1 Purchasing Raw Material --filtering raw materials suppilers

In the factory we audit and selected high-quality well-known suppliers to be our raw material suppliers. We check every batch of raw materials and testing different ingredients to insure stable and consistent quality of our products.

Step 2 Producing--exclusive OEM production, Manufacture in US standard.

Invested in two Chinese factories for our Exclusive OEM manufacturing, which allows us to manufacture with our own QC standards. Invested and hold 55% share of State-renowned Concrete fibers supplier for State-built-projects in China, now known as Mikem Chemical Fiber(Taian)Co.Ltd.

Step 3 Competitive price without compromise quality-HOW?

U.S manufacturing standards and Chinese local economical raw materials and labor sources, which in some way lower our customer's budget QC inspection tour from the United States Headquarter to supervise our Production line each quarter--Onine QC report.

Step 4 DCS Quality Control System

DCS automatic control system,we installed semi-product storage silo to ensure that the entire mixing process is safely enclosed, fully comply with International standard, 30 sets of laboratory testing equipment including Brookfield viscometer.


MelaColl™ cellulose ether group promotes product stewardship and upholds the Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy and Guiding Principles. The company practices the production techniques to ensure minimum adverse effects of the chemical product on the environment and living beings.


MelaColl™ cellulose ether group ensures that all the employees handling customer services, sales, and marketing are well aware of the product use and product waste management and can efficiently communicate and guide the safe use of the products to the customers. The company also seeks customer feedback to take appropriate action in case of any complaint and to provide assistance in case required.


MelaColl™ cellulose ether group makes sure that packaging is appropriate for shipping the product and customer use. We assess the associated risks involved in the storage and transportation of the product. We have special cellulose ether packaging methods, of course we can also provide you with design packaging. The company ascertains the acquiescence with the distribution laws and regulations, the national and international transportation, the government, and the industry codes of practice and guidelines.



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