RDP in EIFS: Helping achieve net “0” emissions
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EIFS refers to the exterior insolution finishing system. Its other name is External thermal insolution composite system(ETICS). Redispersible polymer powder is a common construction chemical addictive. In this article, you will learn why we add RDP in EIFS. Increased bonding effect, improved flexibility, aesthetics and reduced greenhouse gas emissions are all important. This is consistent with the sustainable development of the world.

1. What is EIFS?


The raw material of EIFS is RDP, cement, sand, fine filler, and thickener. These thickeners refer to cellulose ether, such as HPMC. EIFS is a composite structure. It includes an insulation layer, a protective layer, and fixing material. The insulation layer has high moisture resistance. It prevents moisture from penetrating the house. There are different insulating materials such as EPS, mineral wool, and wood fiber. Mineral wool comes from fine fibers obtained by melting or crushing glass. It has different densities and thicknesses.

2. Why add melacoll dispersible latex powder to external wall insulation?


1. Reduce the greenhouse effect

At the same time, RDP in EIFS also plays an important role in reducing the greenhouse effect. It can reduce air infiltration, stabilize the indoor environment, and reduce energy consumption. The European Union expects to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. China plans to achieve near-zero emissions by 2060. The net zero emissions also called Carbon neutrality. So the construction industry must develop in the direction of energy saving and emission reduction in the future.

EIFS prevents excessive cooling of the walls in winter. and it avoids unnecessary heat in summer. Heating and air conditioning in buildings are largely responsible for energy consumption. building energy consumption accounts for 40% of the world's primary energy consumption. And it causes one-third of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. So the EIFS will become more and more popular in future building development. Powders play an important role in reducing the greenhouse effect

2. Improve the bonding effect

To ensure that each layer adheres to the other and stays on the wall, RDP is often added. This polymer powder provides a strong bond. Enhance the bonding force between composite materials. The bond strength of EIFS added with RDP is 2-10 times higher than that of ordinary mortar.

3. Improve toughness

EIFS must withstand the challenges of temperature fluctuations, moisture, and mechanical stress. The surface of the EIFS is prone to cracks when it is subjected to rain impact. Damage occurs when impacted. At this time, the RDP can provide good flexibility and reduce impact. Buildings naturally settle, expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate. The RDP in EIFS can improve the compatibility of cement and alkaline surface,

4. Beautiful


Now, some architectural designers are concerned with the color and texture of buildings. There are strict requirements on shape and design, and the external force can bring them a flexible experience. At the same time, houses with beautiful appearance designs are also very popular among the owners. Waterproofing layers can come in different colors and textures. Exterior insulation siding rarely needs to be painted.

Contains acrylic and polymer components. These ingredients resist the fading, chalking, and yellowing that sometimes occurs with traditional painted siding materials. At the same time, the EIFS added with RDP will also reduce the generation of dust and mold. Therefore, the EIFS added with RDP is often more beautiful and clean.



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