How to Apply Putty on Your Wall in 4 Steps?
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How to apply putty on your wall? This is a step-by-step tutorial video. In general, it includes 4 steps. You should  check and clean the base, blow putty, fine sandpaper grinding. At first, I will give you a brief introduction to what is putty. How do you apply putty? I don't know if have you struggled about how to paint your wall putty before, how many steps you need to apply putty, and how to avoid putty falling off, that is chalking. Right?

This is a real headache for us. So in this video you will find the answer for it.

1. What is wall putty or putty?

So Wall putty is a coating supporting material commonly used in the coating of interior and exterior wall and the treatment of base surface. The main role of putty is to repair the defects of the base material, a micro level the base surface, and increase the flatness of the base surface. That is its main function.

And the putty formulations usually it contains cement, methyl cellulose ether, redispersible polymer powder and defoamer (if you want, contact us please)...


Retarders sometimes are also added in the gypsum based putty.

2. How to apply putty?

melacoll cellulose ether for putty powder 2

So the first step: observe the grassroots

Before construction we must first carry out grassroots inspection to observe whether the surface of the grassroots level is firm, whether there are cracks, whether there are empty drums, and whether there is dirty pollution, which does not take much time, but is very important and also need meticulousness.

The second step: clean out the dirt and all the pollutions

After the inspection right, we have to treat these places, clean out the dirt and all the pollutions, as well like local leveling, fill pits, bulldoze, honeycombs, hemp surfaces or scraping wall putty or sanding pre-treatment, right?

And in addition we also need to make sure the wall surface is not too dry or too wet.

The third step: scraping putty

it would be the batch scraping putty forward construction begin.

So when the scraping putty begins, you should pay attention if the water absorption of the grass layer is strong. If it is strong you should the seal is done with a ceiling low glue, low viscosity so that the adhesion of the putty can be enhanced. The tool used for scrap putty is a towel which is used from top to bottom from right to left at a 30 degree angle, like this.


So we need to scrape twice. The interval time is not too short. You should wait for the third for the first time to dry. And then you can scrape a second time.

Each pass of the putty should be thin, not too thick, otherwise it will crack and fall off. You can't scrape too much or from back and forth. No, there will be curls and peelings. Or the glue in the putty will be squeezed out, sealing the surface, and drying time will be slower. So that's basically do and don't. Keep it in mind.

The last step: grind the putty

After the base layer of the putty is dried, it needs to be sanded with a sandpaper.

Of course, the thickness of the sandpaper is determined according to the type of the wall putty. The coarse, for example, the coarse sandpaper is used to grind a hard putty and clean the base layer, right? And the sandpaper is sanded ordinarily. And the fine sandpaper is to be sanded with the glossy putty.

When grinding it, it should be known that it can be used to press your two fingers to the ground. But to wrap the whole sandpaper into a pad, and push and pull, push and pull back and forth many times. In this way the wall putty can be completed.

So that's all about the whole process of applying wall putty. Mikrant mainly focus on redispersible polymer powder for wall putty, which will make the wall putty easier. We hope this blog will help your putty work.


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