How to Apply the Tile Adhesive?
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How to apply the tile adhesive? In the previous articles, we have analyzed the reason why tiles fall off the walls. Incorrect application of tile adhesive is an important factor in that phenomenon. In this article, we will show you how to apply the tile adhesive.

How to Apply the Tile Adhesive?

Tile adhesive is a cement-based bonding material for tiles. Tile adhesive is one of the most important types of dry mix mortars and can be used to attach ceramic tiles, polished tiles, and natural stones such as granite. They consist of aggregates, Portland cement, a small amount of slaked lime with functional additives added according to product quality level requirements.

The tile adhesive is the ideal material for tile adhesion, and the method we used to apply the tile adhesive  is known as the thin-paste method. The thin-paste method has a higher requirement on the flatness of the base layer, which must be less than 3mm. At the same time, the verticality of the base layer must be less than 3mm. The steps are shown as follows:

1.To clean up the base layer to keep it clean and strong.

2.To utilize hanging wire to align bricks.

3.To configure the adhesive paste: To add water into a mixing container, then pour in the tile adhesive to mix, stir for about 5-10 minutes to form a uniform paste, and then leave it for 3-5 minutes to mature, and then stir a second time.

4.To use a serrated trowel to apply the tile adhesive paste onto the base layer, comb it into strip form, and timely lay the tiles on the adhesive paste. If the surface of the adhesive paste is dry, the dry adhesive paste needs to be scraped off and reapply with a new layer of adhesive paste. The user must apply a layer of the adhesive paste on the backside of the large-size tile or tile with deeper grooves on the back. The user must control the layer thickness of the adhesive paste within 4mm.

If it is a full-sized ceramic tile, vitrified tile, stone tile, or other low-water-absorption tiles, it is recommended to apply the tile adhesive on the backside of the tile.

The two major problems in tile-paving are as below:

1.The matching of materials must be reasonable. The matching of materials can mainly be manifested in the following aspects:

★ The tile adhesive must match the specification and material type of the tile on hand, and the low-water-absorption tile must combine with the C2 tile adhesive.

★ The user must apply the tile adhesive at the backside of the large brick or heavy brick with low water absorption.

2.To apply the tile adhesive need pay attention to the following aspects:

DO NOT add cement or sand to the surface of the tile adhesive;

★ The layer thickness of the tile adhesive must not be more than 10mm;

★ Ratio: 3.3:1 (20kg/bag, to match with approximately 6kg of water);

★ Do not mix water and stir in the already dried mortar for reuse;

★ The user must immediately apply the tile adhesive after stir, and the user must control the usage duration within 2 hours.

How to Apply the Tile Adhesive?As an ideal material for tile adhesion, the tile adhesive requires not only the appropriate selection but also the correct method of application to maximize the performance of the material. To learn more about tile adhesive, please Follow MelaColl. We are a professional cellulose ether supplier with deep research on tile adhesive. Tile adhesives are one of the most extensive applications of our MelaColl™ cellulose ethers. We provide economical, standard, and premium grades of products for tile adhesives.

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