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Construction Grade HPMC chemical usually uses in masonry mortar and plaster mortar, water-resistant putty, EIFS, tile adhesive, sealing grout. This is a complete guide for HPMC uses in building materials. HPMC plays functions as water retention agent, thickener, film-former, binders and stabilizers. Request A Sample! Contact us!

1. What is MELACOLL construction grade HPMC?


Melacoll Hydroxypropel methyl cellulose is a non-ionic white odorless powder. It has thermal gel properties between 55-75℃. And it has excellent cold water soluble and hot water insoluble properties. That is, just put them into the cold water and stir it completely, it will dissolve into a transparent solution. In addition, the HPMC also have a good dispersion, emulsification, thickening, bonding, water retention...

And then let's get down to the business.

2. Construction grade HPMC has important uses, as follows:

No.1 Masonry Mortar and Plaster Mortar

For stucco, we know construction-ability, plasticity and initial viscosity there are several important properties. Even the addition of some small amount 0.001 of the HPMC,  it will make these properties big improvement. So at present, in developed countries like Europe, like North America, the majority of plaster is mixed with cellulose ether. High water retention can make the cement fully hydrated, significantly increase the bond strength, and can also improve the tensile bond strength and shear bond strength of the hardened mortar. At the same time the energy transducer, the ease and lubricity are greatly improved.

No.2 Water-resistant Putty

Construction grade HPMC in water resistant putty, the main role of the cellulose ether is to retain water, improve adhesion and lubricity, avoid cracks or depowdering caused by too fast water loss, and enhance the adhesion of the putty, reduce the sagging phenomenon during the construction and make the construction smoother. As a result, it can save your effort and enhance controllability.

No.3 Exterior Wall Insulation Mortar

This is to say, construction grade HPMC in EIFS, the focus is on bonding, increasing the strength, making the mortar easier to coat and improve the work efficiency. At the same time, it has the ability to resist drooping, high water resistant performance, which can extend the working capacity of the mortar, improve the shrinkage resistance and crack resistance or the surface quality and bond strength.

No.4 Tile Adhesion


So construction grade HPMC high water retention makes tile adhesion unnecessary to pre-soak or wet the tile or base during your construction. It's significantly improved its bond strength, fine, uniform slurry, long construction cycle, convenient force application, and good slip resistance.

No.5 Ceiling Grout

The addition of the cellulose ether HPMC makes ceiling grout have a great edge adhesion, low shrinkage and high water resistant. As we all know, it can protect the base material from the mechanical damage and then avoiding negative impact of the water penetration to the entire building.

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